So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
—F. Scott Fitzgerald, from The Great Gatsby


Poets think in lines, prose writers in sentences; the best of both work from sound to sense, with an ear for the music in their compositions. S for Sentence celebrates lyricism in prose, the play and craft at work in the artful sentence. We post a sentence a month along with comments by a guest writer on the craft that shapes it, on what makes it great. In one or two sentences.
—Pearl Abraham, Editor
This concluding sentence of the famous novel transformed me, a 16 year old with slouching interest in books, into an avid reader. I could read it aloud, without attending to the meaning, and feel as if the words themselves were little musical boats bobbing on an undulating current. Mesmerized, I wondered what would happen if we stopped beating on, and just allowed ourselves to be borne back, and by what?
—John Hughes, author of Crossing Rivers